Justin Sayne Launches Insanity Male Performance Product

Justin Sayne Launches Insanity Male Performance Product

MAYER, Ariz. — Justin Sayne Leathers has announced the release of its new Insanity male enhancement product.

According to the company, it has had a remarkable year to date with significant milestones furthering its expansion into the male enhancement and sexual wellness markets.

“We feel strongly that all forms of sensation play are the wave of the future,” JSL’s Justin Sayne says. “Now that we have completed the ‘Insanity’ product, we feel confident moving into all other areas of sexual wellness, including the rapidly expanding market for men.”

“Insanity can be sold on the mainstream market, a much larger scope than we find in the adult shops,” Sayne adds. “We intend to utilize the profits from the Insanity project to target new audiences and capture new markets.”

JSL’s President of Sales Clint Strunk says that Insanity for men is a 100 percent all natural male enhancement pill “made from a mixture like no other pill on the market.”

“Insanity is formulated to add a touch of wild abandon to your sex life,” Strunk says, “without the side effects of headaches or that jittery feeling you get from some pills on the market.”

Strunk explains that Insanity is a high impact product in a small package.

“Cutting away all the fillers required to produce a large looking product,” Strunk notes, “Insanity offers only the active ingredients required [making it] tiny and easy to swallow.”

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