East Coast News Now Shipping Clandestine Devices

East Coast News Now Shipping Clandestine Devices

CHATSWORTH, Calif.  — Clandestine Devices, manufacturer of the Mimic, has announced its clitoral massager for women is now available in stock and ready for shipping in the U.S. through East Coast News (ECN).

“My experience on the retail side of the adult pleasure business has afforded me plenty of time to get to know ECN and their representatives,” said Kimberly Faubel, director of operations for Clandestine Devices, who — along with Jules Jordan — is “ramping up the toy’s distribution to sex-positive women worldwide.”

“It's always been a pleasure working with ECN and our confidence in their company made us eager to make the Mimic available to their buyers,” Faubel added. “Our opportunity to attend their show in Vermont last October allowed us to introduce the Mimic to their wonderful customers, and the feedback continues to be tremendously encouraging.”

ECN is selling three-piece display packs, which include a three-unit display (compatible with slatwall or countertop layouts), one of each color tester, point-of-sale brochures and four Mimic devices each in three colors: lilac, seafoam and black.

Single-unit displays of the Mimic are also available with a minimum purchase, and participating wholesale buyers can contact an ECN representative for pricing.  

The curved handheld rechargeable toy comes in three colors (black, lilac and seafoam green), is made of medical grade silicone, waterproof and offers six speeds/intensity levels, eight vibration patterns and 90 minutes of pulsations on a single charge.

For more information, visit ClandestineDevices.com or follow Clandestine Devices on Instagram