War Machine Trial Proceeds to Closing Arguments

War Machine Trial Proceeds to Closing Arguments

LAS VEGAS — Closing arguments in the War Machine trial are scheduled at approximately 10 a.m. (PST) today.

Late Wednesday, the defense and prosecution rested after the defense called several doctors to the stand in final testimonies.

Dr. James Walker, who treated Mack in the emergency room, testified that former porn star Christy Mack's liver was impacted sharply, likely by a kick or punch, during the attack at her home by War Machine.

“This is the first time in my career I’ve seen [the injury] not in a car accident — where there’s tremendous force involved,” Walker said. “This is the first time I’ve seen one out of that context.”

Dr. Steven Holper, an expert on pain management, testified to the jury the results of an MRI performed on War Machine just one week ago.

Holper told the jury it was his opinion War Machine suffered a serious brain injury, but he could not describe when it occurred. 

War Machine attorney Jay Liederman then asked the Holper what effects could the use of prescription drugs, coupled with steroid abuse, cause on an already-injured brain and render the martial arts fighter unable to recognize whether his actions were right or wrong

"You just do things,” Holper said. “Some things you don't ever think about. You just do it.”

War Machine, a martial arts fighter who dabbled in porn, stands accused of 34 felony counts, including sexual assault, attempted murder and battery, in the August 2014 beating of Mack and her friend, Corey Thomas.  In the attack, Mack sustained a broken nose, a blowout fracture to her eye, broken ribs, two broken teeth, a lacerated liver and bruises.  

While he didn’t take the stand in the case, War Machine allegedly admits that the attack happened in Twitter posts made this week under @warmachine170.

War Machine appears to be tweeting through a friend while in jail, even adding his prisoner number at Clark County Detention Center — 2519422 — with the message.

The tweet, allegedly made by War Machine using TwitLonger, said: "I’ve offered to sign any number of plea agreements, I’ve begged for the opportunity to take a lie detector test, I’ve done everything in my power to resolve this issue, but the D.A. wants a media circus.... So here we go. It’s no mystery; I found the woman I loved in bed with another man and I made some poor choices, Choices that I feel horrible for, regret and know that I must be punished for.... But I didn't do all the crap they’re accusing me of and I do not deserve that crazy amount of time being thrown at me."

Closing arguments today will be streamed on LawNewz.com.

Pictured: Clark County District Judge Elissa Cadish