Screwbox Debuts Premium Paysite

Screwbox Debuts Premium Paysite

HOLLYWOOD — has announced the celebration of the three-month anniversary of the launch of its paysite platform and high-end adult filmmaking initiative.

Since its launch with eight unique updates featuring an assortment of solos, girl/girl, and boy/girl scenes, the site has consistently released three updates per week, with additional behind-the-scenes footage for the site’s “screwscribers.”

According to Screwbox Owner and Creative Director Jakodema, each update features an attributed storyline “consisting of aspects and concepts relatable to [our] viewers.”

“[Our] team anticipates making a mark in the adult industry by focusing on visionary imagery delivering exclusive content that aims to cater today’s current and future demographics, allowing to set new standards in creative filming,” Jakodema explains. “[Our] fundamentals include analyzing each realm of stylish niches and trends to conduct incomparable customer service for every individual’s VIP treatment plan.”

Jakodema says that Screwbox’s creative intent “is to incorporate an expressive emotional connection highlighting hilarious comedic scenarios, suspenseful/dramatic dilemmas, intense action-packed adventurous escapades, and lover’s erotic serenades.”

“ accentuates these factors into the current feed of content, which showcases cinematic erotica and hardcore, couple’s friendly narratives, and featured updates aka ‘special releases,’ with a dash of music video style filming influences,” Jakodema adds. “We are all artists. Some of us take [the] sun and paint it as a yellow dot on a canvas and others take that yellow dot and turn it into [the] sun.”

Future plans include realistic POV and VR360 titles, accompanied by weekly featured miniseries and live on-set streaming with performer interaction and more.

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