WankzVR's 'Making It Official' Stars Gina Valentina

WankzVR's 'Making It Official' Stars Gina Valentina

AMSTERDAM — WankzVR today released "Making It Official," starring Gina Valentina and Chad Alva.

In the scene, Valentina becomes a contract girl and celebrates with VR users after inking her new modeling deal.

To watch a preview, click here.

"Hands down, Gina Valentina has been one of the best porn stars we've worked with since our launch,” said Teekay, lead video editor of the scene. “I feel like virtual reality porn is the new crucible in which great performers are tested and discovered.

Teekay noted that there's a reason why Valentina has been featured on WankzVR six times — the most of any model.

“You've just got to have the charisma to go along with everything else,” Teekay said. “You've got to have that natural ability to carry a scene and click with your unseen audience.

“That sort of talent, that sort of, je ne sais quoi. I believe it can't be taught. You either have it or you don't, and Gina has it in spades."