Christy Mack Describes Abuse at War Machine's Trial

Christy Mack Describes Abuse at War Machine's Trial

LAS VEGAS — On Wednesday, former porn star Christy Mack appeared on the witness stand, breaking down after prosecutors played a 911 phone call she placed during a violent attack at the hands of martial arts fighter War Machine, who she had been dating around the time of the attack.

Mack’s testimony was dramatic yesterday during Day 3 of the case at Regional District Court in Clark County as she offered to jurors her account of the increasing stages of physical and emotional abuse during their relationship.

Mack, who met War Machine at a Hustler photoshoot after she entered the biz doing fetish work, testified that once they started dating he did not have a problem with her work as a porn performer. But later, he would be “disgusted” with her and didn’t like “sharing” her with other porn partners.

Mack, a top-tier performer who spent a year-and-a-half shooting porn, also said that War Machine’s sex drive was much more than hers, as he demanded sex two to three times a day while once a day was enough for her.

Mack further testified that she would consent, largely to please his desires, and offer exclusive sexual performances, such as anal sex, and verbal affirmations, “like saying he had a big dick.”

Mack testified that War Machine started requesting “rough sex” and that the couple begin to play out “rape fantasies,” thinking the thoughts would please War Machine.  Mack said that rape fantasies were meant to appease him and satisfying his desire to have her as a more exclusive partner.

She also said that during their relationship she started canceling adult shoots — again meant to appease her then-boyfriend, War Machine.

Mack started describing increasing violence as time went on, as well as acts of control, such as taking away and examining her mobile phone numerous times.

Mack testified that she feared telling anyone because War Machine threatened to send friends from the U.S. Navy SEALs or from the Hell’s Angels to harm her if she reported the abuse to friends, her mother or police.

Her testimony became increasingly emotional as Mack described the attack with her friend Thomas, who was eventually able to leave her house after the attack. After attacking Thomas, War Machine turned his attention to her, Mack testified.

“He had a knife. It was one of my kitchen set knives, and he would push it into my head … saw off my hair … he cut my head,” Mack testified. “I remember at some point while I was laying there feeling a tooth fall out of my mouth.”

Mack said that she would have been further raped after the attacks, but she said that War Machine “couldn’t get hard.”

War Machine, appearing in the courtroom a lot less lighter than his prime days as a martial arts fighter, broke down in tears a number of times during Mack’s testimony of her injuries on Wednesday.

Testimony continues this morning at 10 a.m. Prosecutors likely will continue direct examination of Mack, which will be followed by cross-examination by the defense.

Pictured: Christy Mack on the witness stand