ATKingdom's Kick Ass Pictures Division Acquired

ATKingdom's Kick Ass Pictures Division Acquired

LOS ANGELES —  ATKingdom has announced that its Kick Ass Pictures operating subsidiary has been acquired by long-time employees Melissa and Matt Campos.

Founded in 1998, Kick Ass Pictures is a widely recognized foot fetish and cuckold production company that has been part of the ATKingdom family since being acquired in 2013.

Melissa Campos held dual roles as Operations Manager for ATK and Vice President of Kick Ass since the acquisition, while Matthew Campos oversaw technology leadership for both organizations and has been with ATKingdom for 10 years.

According to ATKingdom CEO Kim Nielsen, the Campos are one of the reasons Kick Ass has grown and established a stronghold in the market with brand niches.

“When you think foot fetish and cuckold content you think Kick Ass. Thanks to Melissa and Matt we had very prosperous years with the brand,” Nielsen says. “We’re very happy to have had their loyal service for nearly a decade at ATKingdom and are proud that they’ve taken the entrepreneurial leap.”

“I’ve always supported individuals to follow their dreams,” Nielsen adds. “[I] am happy that the Kick Ass brand will be going to a team that I know has a passion for it.”

“Kim was approached by a number of parties who had a strong interest in Kick Ass. After much consideration and talking with Matt, we knew this was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up,” explains Melissa Campos. “We’ve poured our energy and hearts into the company for the past few years, so it just made logical sense for us. We were extremely proud of our product while managing it, and now excited to be owning it.”

As a production company Kick Ass concentrates on unique niches that are in high demand, such as its “Barefoot Confidential” series, along with inventing new genres.

“This strategic move allows Kim and I to focus on ATKingdom and our productions including AMK Empire,” said ATK’s COO and Vice President Jimmy James. “I met Melissa years ago and know with her drive and Matt’s technical expertise, they will do wonderful things with Kick Ass. Melissa has such a diverse skillset and intimate knowledge of operating a successful company, we wish her and Matt the best on their new venture as owners.”

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