Hustler TV Launching in Canada

Hustler TV Launching in Canada

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Hustler TV has announced its upcoming launch as a 24/7 linear and on-demand channel in Canada in conjunction with VanessaMedia.

Canadian-based VanessaMedia, a multi-platform company specializing in the distribution of linear, multiplex and on-demand channels in Canada, as well as VOD, SVOD, PPV on the international market,  partnered with LFP Broadcasting to offer this new monthly subscription channel featuring Hustler’s top programming from its past 40 years.

“Based on Hustler’s huge success in the Canadian marketplace, it’s time for us to launch our channel and give customers what they want,” says Hustler’s Larry Flynt. “Hustler TV Canada will showcase all of our best programming.”

“We are thrilled to launch Hustler TV Canada,” says VanessaMedia CEO Anne-Marie Losique, “and to associate with this prestigious brand.” 

According to the company, LFP Broadcasting distributes content across North and South America, with 13 TV channels and thousands of hours of VOD content. It currently distributes five other channels, as well as VOD and mobile, in Europe, Africa, Asia and other territories.

The channel will be available to customers on March 21.