1st-Ever Love Coach Conference Educates, Connects Professionals

1st-Ever Love Coach Conference Educates, Connects Professionals

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The inaugural Love Coach Conference comes to a close today, following two days of presentations, workshops and networking sessions that emphasized building connections with colleagues, clients and the world.

“Spread the love, transform the world” banners lined the Marquee ballroom at the Doubletree Suites by Hilton Hotel in Santa Monica, where up to 100 professional, predominantly female, love coaches gathered to gain insight from the event’s 12-speaker lineup that consisted of internationally known experts and authors.

A welcome note in the Love Coach Conference’s schedule pamphlet reiterated the global impact of “healers.” “As Love Coaches, we have an opportunity to spread more love, happiness and connection — all while helping the world become a better place.”

Founded by Jason Silver — a professional dating coach and former CEO of the Matchmaking Institute, and Brandon Shrair, a direct marketing expert, the Love Coach Conference aims to empower professionals and launch a movement.

Shrair told XBIZ that the Love Coaching Professionals Facebook Group, which has more than 600 members, served as the catalyst for the conference.

“No other community for love coaches exists, and it’s growing rapidly,” he said. “The end goal [of the Love Coach Conference] is to prosper together.”

 With the potential to establish a seven-figure love coaching business like some of the event’s speakers, the Love Coach Conference focused heavily on generating sales and clientele, while also offering strategies and tips for personal growth.

For example, in her “Using Your Image to Attract Ideal Clients” session, image expert Kim Seltzer offered fashion advice on how to stand out professionally and in life.

“With everything that you put on your body you’re sending a message,” she said. “If you’re dressed bad or not correctly representing yourself, you’ll send the wrong message.”

The key to achieving ROI is to market oneself everywhere and anywhere, Seltzer said, noting clients’ willingness to pay $10K for image consulting. “You are your market,” she said. “Your presentation will influence others.”

Armed with a handful of before-and-after photos of her clients, Seltzer also offered tips for love coaches to pass down to their clients. “Women tend to focus on what they don’t love about themselves, so have them focus on what they do love about themselves.”

In her “Science of Love” session Dr. Ava Cadell focused on “neurolovelogy,” which she defines as how people use their brain for romance and emphasized the power of communication.

“I thank you for being love coaches and hope you can learn something from me today,” she told attendees. Cadell’s session was interactive with the audience participating in exercises and offering feedback in exchange for freebies, including Cadell’s books and “Love Coupons.”

Cadell discussed linguistic and non-linguistic communication, and offered advice on how to help clients deal with boundaries — whether they’re seeking to push them or express their limits.

Cadell advised attendees to have clients ask themselves “what would I do if I were 10 times more bold?” She then challenged attendees to ask themselves that question as well. One attendee said he would host more in-person events and retreats.

“That’s what you should be doing,” Cadell responded. “If it’s your goal, don’t procrastinate — do it now. That’s what you should tell clients.”

The “How to Become a Media Mogul” panel featuring Damona Hoffman, Julie Spira and Max Kramer offered tips on how to become a go-to source for the media.

Spira told XBIZ that she’s been featured in the media more than 1,000 times and has begun offering B2B consulting on how to gain media exposure. Her other specialty is cyber dating advice. She’s the founder of Cyber-Dating Expert, a dating coaching service. As an early adopter of Internet dating, Spira has been helping singles find love online for more than 20 years and has built an online following.

Other sessions included “High Ticket Coaching Sales Process with Jason Silver,” “How to Become a Star Coach on Youtube” and “Building Relationships Through Writing,” among others.

Among the Love Coach Conference attendees was New York-based love and relationship coach Sarika Jain, who’s been offering her services to single professional women for eight years. She told XBIZ that she began coaching after overcoming heartbreak. Her advice to women is to remain open and willing to be hurt, but never settle.

Jain said that she found out about the Love Coach Conference through word of mouth and decided to attend.

“It’ll be the only conference I’ll attend this year; and I’m looking forward to meeting people — I nerd out about these topics and there aren’t other events like this,” she said.

The Love Coach Conference wraps tonight with an exclusive after party for attendees. For more information, visit LoveCoachConference.com