Male Power Debuts New Stretch Lace Styles

Male Power Debuts New Stretch Lace Styles

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Male Power’s Stretch Lace collection of lace underwear for men is now available in crimson red.  

“Male Power rocked the lingerie industry last year with the introduction of Stretch Lace, a daring line of lace underwear for men,” the company said, noting that the line has become its top-selling specialty fabric collection, and was a hot seller for the holidays.

“These mini shorts, bong thongs and posing straps are simply stunning,” the company said. “The garments are made from a delicate, lightweight fabric that beautifully showcases the male curves and contours.

“The underwear offers optimum breathability and amazing support and durability. The four-way stretch material also ensures total comfort.”

Previously sold in classic black or white, the collection is now also available in “bold, vibrant crimson red,” the company said.

“Stretch Lace is the perfect gift for the sensual male – and creates the sexiest look for his significant other. Check out his poses and you won’t need roses!”

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