CAM4 to Broadcast Orgasm World Championships

CAM4 to Broadcast Orgasm World Championships

LOS ANGELES — today is debuting the Orgasm World Championship, where performers compete live to see who can authentically climax with the fastest and strongest orgasms.

CAM4 said that the Orgasm World Championship is a spectator sport, and viewers get a chance to help decide the winner.

Votes are cast by sending a gift during or after each contest, which is slated three times daily. Points are awarded for each orgasm. The objective is to have the fastest and also the most entertaining and intense orgasms possible.

Derek Devlin, CAM4’s head of public relations, said orgasms during the championship are measured by the live cam company’s Orgasm Scale App, which runs analysis through a smartwatch worn by each contestant.

“We take pride in integrating creative programming to CAM4,” Devlin said. “CAM4 is now home to the world’s first Orgasm World Championship and we expect the live contests to be a major draw. We are starting in Europe, but we want this to be a global event and so in time the whole CAM4 community will have a chance to compete.”

To experience the live event, subscribe to the Orgasm World Championship’s channel at to get the upcoming show schedule. CAM4 partnered up with to hold the event.