Pjur Showcased on 'Suncoast View' TV Show in Fla.

Pjur Showcased on 'Suncoast View' TV Show in Fla.

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — pjur ORIGINAL was showcased on “Suncoast View” last week for a Valentine’s Day special episode on WWSB in Sarasota, Fla.

Kathy Clampitt from retail store Giggles presented pjur ORIGINAL as a Valentine’s Day gift, saying: “It is the best lube ever and I recommend it to everyone. I simply love pjur!”

pjur ORIGINAL, a silicone lubricant, can also be used for massages.

“The silicone in pjur formulas is not absorbed into the skin but remains on the surface,” the company said. “This feature makes it a long-lasting personal lubricant perfect for massage. Men’s Fitness Magazine ranked pjur ORIGINAL as the No. 1 silicone personal lubricant."

ORIGINAL personal lubricant is made with medical grade silicone for a slick, long-lasting experience that is never sticky, according to the company. The sense-enhancing personal lubricant is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and can be used daily. 

For more information about pjur, visit PjurUSA.com.