Berman Innovations, Good Vibes Partner for Exclusive POPDildo Color

Berman Innovations, Good Vibes Partner for Exclusive POPDildo Color

BOSTON — Berman Innovations has unveiled a custom color offering of its POPDildo for Good Vibrations.

The premier sex-positive retailer, which takes pride in providing trusted information, quality pleasure products, sex-positive books, and more, now offers the patented ejaculating dildo in Ultramarine, both online and in all of its brick-and-mortar stores. The color will not be offered through any other retailers, nor on the POPDildo website, the company said.

“I love that Good Vibrations not only focuses on education, but provides customers with access to a wide range of premier — and now exclusive — products in a safe and sex-positive environment,” says Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman. “Coyote [Amrich] has continuously been extremely supportive of POPDildo, and with this being their 40th year in business, we are honored to provide them with this custom Ultramarine color POPDildo. We look forward to this being a successful partnership, and to hopefully do the same for other interested retailers.”

“Berman Innovations’ POPDildo by The Semenette is incredible,” said Coyote Amrich, Good Vibrations product and purchasing manager. “Not just for the original concept of this product being for insemination, but in the way Stephanie understood how various communities could benefit from her unique design. She took something very specific, and personal, and saw the broader impact her design could have. This inclusivity and vision matches our own ethos, and therefore, is a perfect fit.”

Amrich adds, “This year, Good Vibrations is celebrating ‘40 Years of Pleasure.’ Over the past four decades, we have partnered with many smaller manufacturers to bring exclusive and special items into our stores and to our customers. We are thrilled to be able to continue this tradition with POPDildo.”

To purchase POPDildo at Good Vibrations, in its custom Ultramarine and all other colors, as well as Refill Kits, click here.

POPDildo is also available at Good Vibrations’ brick-and-mortar retail stores in its four San Francisco locations, its stores in Berkeley, Oakland, and Palo Alto, its Camouflage store in Santa Cruz, and its Boston-area stores in Brookline and Cambridge.