CAM4, Kiiroo Partner for Live Touch

CAM4, Kiiroo Partner for Live Touch

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 has announced the next generation of its immersive experiences with the release of its new CAM4 Live Touch feature.

Powered by patented FeelMe Technology created by interactive sex toy innovator Kiiroo, CAM4 brings viewers one step closer to interacting with performers.

Performers have the ability to offer unique interactive webcam shows that enable users to “tip” through their browsers. In doing so, guests can trigger the performers’ Kiiroo Pearl vibrators, vibrating according to the corresponding tip amount. Another unique feature offered by the platform is for guests with interactive devices at home to interact with performers in real-time. Webcam performers have the option to provide interactive shows one-to-one or one-to-many, leaving endless possibilities.

For example, users can now control the sensations that performers feel via their Bluetooth-enabled vibrators, with the frequency and volume of their tipping giving them a chance to singlehandedly bring the performer to climax while watching it live on the CAM4 platform. CAM4 Live Touch allows users with or without an interactive device at home to connect to its performers in an intimate and pervasive way breaking down yet another barrier between the performer and his/her fans.

CAM4’s Head of Public Relations, Derek Devlin, is proud of the company’s new achievement.

“The introduction of interconnectivity via CAM4 Live Touch re-affirms our position as one of the most forward thinking companies in the cam industry,” Devlin explains. “We are committed to technological innovation and so it makes perfect sense to partner with Kiiroo, a company that is also evolving at a trailblazing pace. We invested in developing a native integration with their unique FeelMe Technology to provide new ways for performers and viewers to interact sexually.”

Devlin says this technology brings a new level of intimacy, enabling a much deeper connection and new heights of sexual pleasure between performers and viewers.

“Once integrated with CAM4VR, the experience will be the ultimate in sexual immersion,” Devlin concludes. “This is a revolutionary step forward for adult cams and cybersex.”

Kiiroo CEO Toon Timmermans is equally excited about the new relationship.

“By partnering with CAM4 and implementing FeelMe Technology we are expanding our repertoire here at Kiiroo. I am absolutely ecstatic about this!” exclaims Timmermans. “The integration with CAM4 will, in time, give users the opportunity to buy interactive subscriptions to the performers’ interactive shows.”

Timmermans says that in turn, users will experience the element of touch from the webcam performers, changing the webcam industry for forever.

“The imminent release of the interactive subscriptions will differentiate CAM4 from its competitors, and by implementing the FeelMe Technology, users with Kiiroo devices will be able to connect to a variety of other interactive devices,” Timmermans adds. “I cannot wait to see where this partnership takes us!”

CAM4 Live Touch enabled performers can be found on by looking for the Live Touch “Vibration” icon, or by searching for the toy hashtag, such as #livetouch.

Models interested in broadcasting on CAM4 can apply via Cam4Models or Cam4Bucks.