NETbilling Now Offers Multi-Currency Transaction Processing

NETbilling Now Offers Multi-Currency Transaction Processing

VALENCIA, Calif. — NETbilling said today it is now offering U.S.-based merchants the ability to sell their products and services online in more than 150 currencies, while receiving their settlements in U.S. dollars.

Deposits are made directly into their U.S.-based bank account, without the need to establish a foreign entity, foreign bank account or foreign merchant account, according to NETbilling CFO Traci Arce.

"Multi-currency payment options add greater consumer confidence and comfortability knowing exactly what foreign customers will be paying in their desired currency, without conversion surprises,” Arce said. “This leads to less disputes and greater profits. NETbilling is pleased to be able to offer this service to our U.S. and E.U. based merchants alike."

Arce noted that NETbilling has offered multi-currency processing to its offshore merchant account based clients for several years, but that it wasn’t previously available to U.S.-based merchants in its gateway.