WankzVR Releases '...Stays in Vegas' With Avery Adair

WankzVR Releases '...Stays in Vegas' With Avery Adair

AMSTERDAM — WankzVR has announced the release of its latest VR title, “...Stays in Vegas,” featuring Avery Adair and Johnny Nitro.

According to WankzVR’s lead video editor, Teekay, this scene is a companion piece to this week’s earlier scene release, “What Happens in Vegas...” with VR users continuing their decadent Las Vegas vacation by partying with a high-class escort played by Adair.

“We’re happy to announce to our fans that ‘...Stays in Vegas’ will benefit from WankzVR’s latest VR camera configuration, which will see an astounding 61 percent increase in pixel density,” Teekay says. “This added clarity and improved brightness will result in an even more realistic 3D experience for our members.”

“While we’re certainly proud of this accomplishment, it’s merely a happy pit stop on the road to perfecting our rig technology,” Teekay adds. “Without revealing too much, we have some very exciting and paradigm-shifting changes in store for 2017. Stay tuned!”  

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