Lovense API Enables Mind-Controlled Sex Toys

Lovense API Enables Mind-Controlled Sex Toys

PARIS — Lovense has announced the results of a series of innovative experiments to enhance the capabilities of its Lush vibrator through a unique application programming interface (API).

API artist Aurélien Fache, along with Gille de Bast, an artist who works with brain-computer interfaces (BCI), and Stephen des Aulnois (aka Gonzo, founder of Le Tag Parfait magazine), successfully controlled a Lovense Lush vibrator using only brain waves, and other inputs.

“The idea came when we were trying to find new applications for connected sex toys on webcam websites (where Lovense sex toys can vibrate when viewers tip — they made software for this),” Des Aulnois explains. “Starting from that idea, and with access to the sex toy’s API, we were able to connect it, for instance, on Twitter hashtags, or control it with the brain through a Brain-Computer Interface.”

The team conducted a series of three experiments using the Lovense API.

First, a demonstration by Gonzo used three electrodes to measure brain activity, heartbeat, and the electrical activity of the neurons from the visual cortex, located behind the left hemisphere of the brain, where he was able to control the app through the BCI in different levels of intensity — so the more he concentrated, the stronger the vibrations.

Second, after further tweaks to the API, the team connected to Twitter and invited netizens to control the toy using various hashtags, with a live stream on Periscope attracting more than 40,000 people.

Fache conducted the third demonstration, “In Bed With Thomas Pesquet,” showing how the Lovense Lush vibrates whenever the International Space Station passes over France.

“Aurélien, Gille and Stephen have done a great job showcasing what is possible with our API. [We] love their creativity!” exclaims Lovense Marketing Director Eddy Olivares. “We are looking forward to working with other companies and developers to continue to push innovation in the sex toy industry.”

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