Toyfriend Releases Smooth Operators Line

Toyfriend Releases Smooth Operators Line

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Toyfriend founder and product designer Eric Kalen has gone back to designing luxury pleasure products with the release of the Smooth Operators line.

“It is a strange and exciting feeling to launch the Smooth Operators,” Kalen said.
“For me it has been a journey and these are products that in a way take me back to where I first started but now with a more contemporary and modern take on the design and function. The market has changed and I know much more now. I ?ve taken 15 years’ experience of designing, developing and manufacturing sex-toys into consideration when making the Smooth Operators and they are the best products I ?ve ever made.

“I ?ve built in all I ?ve learnt from retailer and customer feedback over all these years. Only working with the best components, using the most powerful and strongest motors available but making sure they are super quiet. The soft and safe silicone we use are of the highest quality. The products have a unique flex in the top that differs them from other products on the market and is an important feature for a better function. The way to charge is universal and more environmentally friendly as it is a simple. Micro USB-cable, no special charger involved.”

Kalen continued, “The environmental aspect is very important to me, the packing contains no plastic inlays or unnecessary things but still looks fabulous. But the most important for me has been to be able to make these luxury products at a price-point that is reasonable for the end-consumer and still be able to offer retailers a good margin. I think somewhere the market lost itself on the quality versus pricing issue and a lot of customers and retailers have been hurt, I hope the Smooth Operators will help with this as well. So please check them out!”

The Smooth Operators include Classy, Choosy and Snazzy.

Classy is a classic vibrator with two motors that can operate individually or in combination creating pulsating sensations. The top has a built-in flex and can bend. The charging point is hidden in the base, keeping the product hygienic and waterproof. Classy comes in a lavender color.

Choosy is a G-Spot vibrator with a top that will flex and bend to hit the spot. It comes with one motor in the top as well as one in the middle. Choosy features the same base as Classy and comes a classic purple.

Snazzy is a clitoral vibrator with two soft lips designed to cover and hug the clitoris. The flex in the lips allows control over pressure and position. Ergonomic design with the buttons on the front makes Snazzy easy to operate; it comes with four pulsations and houses a powerful motor. Snazzy comes in a rose pink.

Snazzy retails for $99, and the Choosy and Classy retail for $119. For wholesale information, contact Entrenue at (800) 368-7268 or email