ClickCastX Provides Free Cam Limits

ClickCastX Provides Free Cam Limits

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced its addition of a time-limited free cam module.

According to ClickCastX CEO Claude Lai, this module allows clients using the company’s live cam and video on demand platform to limit how many seconds a user from a specific IP address can view a live cam model before they must register, or pay to see a private chat.

“So many of our clients use a free live cam approach where models sit and wait for users to register and go private or tip the model,” Lai explains. “[This] can create a great loss in revenue as so many users just watch models all day without ever paying for anything!”

Lai says that clients can now limit how long a user can view a model for free (or without registering) and notes that by using this module, some clients have seen revenue increases of more than 60 percent.

“We have also developed a country blocking feature where models can select which countries they do not want to be [seen] in at any time,” Lai says. “This is another effort to cut down users from locations which simply do not convert.”

Another new feature provides administrators with the ability to search for keywords from models or users to monitor what they are talking about.

“Keywords such as ‘Skype’ or ‘phone’ or ‘call’ from models trying to get their users to call them instead of using the ClickCastX licensed platform is also another way that our clients have been losing money,” Lai explains. “With this new module, administrators can block users who are rude or abusing the system and block models who are trying to get their users to watch them on other platforms.”

For a limited time, ClickCastX is on sale here.

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