Evil Angel, Nacho Vidal Debut 'The Player'

Evil Angel, Nacho Vidal Debut 'The Player'

LOS ANGELES — Evil Angel has announced the release of Nacho Vidal's "The Player," which is available Feb. 8 on DVD and VOD. A trailer can be viewed at EvilAngelVideo.com.

“Well, since ‘Back 2 Evil,’ I think I haven’t had the chance to really show how good I really can be as a director and producer, writer and cameraman, photographer and actor,” Vidal declared. “More than a porn movie, ‘The Player’ is pornographic cinema. I would dare to say this is the most Nacho Vidal movie in all of my career. Nacho Vidal in his fullest expression, the essence of Nacho Vidal — ‘The Player’ is that movie.”

Alexandra Kelley, Evil Angel’s vice president of sales and marketing, remarked, “This is Nacho’s first feature in more than 10 years. It was inspired by ‘The Game,’ a Michael Douglas thriller from the 1990s. Nacho’s overall creativity and his acting talent really come through. ‘The Player’ shows him in a new light — his fans will get to know him better.”

In Vidal’s story, he contracts a top madam (Yasmin Scott) to assign wicked adventures, since he will try anything. “I felt super good in every scene because they were created in my perverted mind and they’re things that always have attracted me to show in one of my movies,” explained the filmmaker. “Maybe I’ve never done this because of ‘what they would say,’ but I’m at an age and at a different level where I can do whatever pleases me.

“I wanted in some way to reach out to my fans," he added. "There’s a scene with a few guys and there’s small flashes showing them about to suck my cock, and it seems there’s some contact with these guys. I think this is super good for all the gay fans that are always asking me when I’ll do some gay content; this is for them. 

“In another scene, Silvia Rubi puts on a strap-on and apparently penetrates me in the ass, to honor all the women who are dying to hurt me sexually!” jested Vidal.

Vidal captured the action in a strip club. He shares a public “girlfriend experience” with Alexa Tomas as club patrons watch and pleasure themselves. In the same club, performer Soraya Wells screws a baseball bat and Vidal works her to ejaculations, before devouring puddles of her outpouring from the lighted stage floor.

The climax is a one-on-one battle of wills — madam Yasmin wants to enslave naked, vulnerable Vidal, but by the time their intense sex makes her squirt, it is not clear who is a slave to whom.

“I don’t want to say that I’m going to stop making gonzo, which I love, which I’ve been making for many years and my fans like,” Vidal said. “I feel very proud of this project, for my own ego. People may think we only make gonzo, but a lot of us working in this industry have a lot more to give.”