2017 ASACP Service Recognition Award Winners Announced

2017 ASACP Service Recognition Award Winners Announced

LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has announced ASACP’s Dawn Yagielowicz, Wasteland’s Colin Rowntree and EngineFood’s Stewart Tongue are this year’s winners of the association’s annual Service Recognition Award.

The ASACP Service Recognition Award was established to honor the dedicated volunteers who have helped the association carry out its mission of protecting children and at-risk youth by providing vital assistance and services.

Trophies were presented by ASACP’s executive director, Tim Henning, at the 2017 XBIZ Exec Awards.

“One of the highlights of my year is presenting ASACP’s Service Recognition Award,” Henning said. “It is a privilege to recognize such a caring, dedicated group of individuals who work tirelessly to make a real difference in online child safety.”

Yagielowicz has served as ASACP’s membership manager for more than a decade. She also supported the association for several years before becoming a staff member, volunteering at industry trade shows and other events.

“As a parent, I am very sensitive to the need to protect children from exploitation and viewing inappropriate material,” Yagielowicz said. “I am deeply honored to receive such an important and meaningful award in recognition of my many years of service to the association and humbly accept it on behalf of all who invest their time, energy and resources in this cause.”

CEO and founder of Wasteland.com, Rowntree was honored to receive the award.

"As an active supporter of ASACP since the 1990s, I am deeply honored to receive this recognition award,” Rowntree said. “Since its inception in 1996, ASACP has been one of the cornerstones of the ethical adult industry and I urge our entire entertainment sector to increase its support during these changing times, which require our community to continue to take proactive steps in the fight to protect children online.”

Lastly, CEO and founder of EngineFood.com, Stewart Tongue added, “During my time in adult I have avoided campaigning for any industry awards or accolades, but of all the awards won each year, the one I have always held in the highest regard is the ASACP’s Service Recognition Award. This award is about the important work that ASACP does each year to protect children and society from the worst kinds of abuse.

“I am proud to do my part in the effort to protect vulnerable members of our society,” he added. “I will continue to remain vigilant in my own efforts to support the success of ASACP because their results are so valuable to so many people online and offline as well.”

Previous ASACP Service Recognition Award winners include XBIZ’s Stephen Yagielowicz, attorneys Lawrence Walters, Marc Randazza and Greg Piccionelli, Cyber Stampede’s Rodney Thompson and Scott Rabinowitz, Epoch’s Joel Hall, Cydata Services’ Brandon Shalton, adult film performers Stormy Daniels, Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld, as well as Fiona Patten and Robbie Swan of The Eros Association, 7 Veils’ Lauren MacEwen and ASACP’s own Tim Henning and Vince Charlton.

For more information, contact tim@asacp.org.