Adam & Eve Surveys Consumers on Sex Toy Use

Adam & Eve Surveys Consumers on Sex Toy Use

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — queried more than 1,000 adults to see if they had ever used a sex toy.

Of those polled, Adam & Eve reports that 73 percent of women and 53 percent of men admitted they have tried a sex toy.

“Sex toys can be a fun, healthy part of sexuality as a whole,” says sexpert Dr. Kat Van Kirk. “Whether individuals use them alone or with a partner, they can enhance the erotic experience in numerous ways. Couples can add these erotic accessories to spice up their lovemaking, tease one another in foreplay or add an element of fantasy. Solo users may want to ease or speed up the process, or simply add to their stimulation.”

“Adam & Eve is proud to provide a wide array of products that encourage America’s sexuality in a positive way,” says Chad Davis, director of marketing. “For over 45 years, we’ve provided adults with toys, games and fantasy items to make sex fun and intensify pleasure.”

The web-based survey, conducted by an independent third party survey company, of more than 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices. "Sex Chat with Dr. Kat" can be found on podcasts through iTunes or Her book, “The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life,” can be found on