Mafiosa Luna Star Slangs Pure Havana Vice

Mafiosa Luna Star Slangs Pure Havana Vice

LOS ANGELES — Mafiosa. Diosa. Peligrosa. Luna Star is a sultry oasis, windswept with hurricane heat and guarded by machete-wielding desperados.

She is pure Havana cocaine, sizzling brain cells with enough addictive bliss for a narc to hit the lights and pull her over for a deep cavity search. Cuff her. Rough her up. Charge her for sexual homicide, because this crack’s as deadly as Pablo Escobar.

Liquid poetry fills her cups thicker than a leather-bound José Martí novel and when she breaks a sweat, each molten pearl dripping down that cleavage is laced with hellfire heroine, laying suckers out like a tire iron, happy for the beating and broken ribs… thirstier than they came… drunk on sugarcane slit.

Lust ain’t even the half of it. She’s stacked with an unholy trinity of beauty, brains and bling. And, like any true Cuban-American, Star is a stars-and-stripes capitalist cutthroat, with a vicious disdain for commie conformity. Thrive or die. Lead or step back. Mercilessly mock the copycats. Eviscerate political correctness. Hack haters. Cane critics. Cook the best product in the biz. Change up the paint if they try to frame you, so the portrait stays fresher than Dorian Gray.

And, if the leeches come crawling for a taste of that Caribbean blood, barbecue them with napalm. Chop up the chumps into frenzy-inducing chum, then feed ‘em to the sharks. Grind their souls into an ice cold Mojito. Unload cannons on their galleon.

See, this lethal dame can run the streets of Hialeah with pistolero panache, dressed to the nines in bullet bandoliers crisscrossed like skulls and bones. But, don’t misjudge that sultry Latina accent and those sinfully feverish eyes, because she can just as easily suit up with the biggest X-business bosses in DTLA, pimping out penthouses and executing executives with boardroom badassery.

No wonder her rabid fandom flocks like tweaking seagulls to her Instagram and Twitter photos, getting their platano maduro mas duro than ever before. Can you blame them? Even the Goodfellas and Scarface would bury themselves — and any unlucky prick who gets in their way — in the richness of her islander skin.

Because, when she’s not headlining hardcore titles for kingpins like Evil Angel, Bang Bros. and Hard X, Star is smacking harlots around in Girlsway’s “Extradition” as a cartel crime lord, firing off Spanish with such scorching frost… you’ll wish you were tied up in the depths of a hacienda.

So it was, that XBIZ donned a Stacy Adams fedora and danced the Cha Cha Cha with Star, in this exclusive interview. The cigar smoke lingers still.

XBIZ: What influenced you to get into porn?

Luna Star: Well, I got here to the U.S. when I was 16 years old. And, I always knew I was very sexual, since I had a lot of sex and was always the best sex for every man that I have ever been with. I knew I had talent, I guess, haha. But, before porn, I was just going to school, finished up with good grades. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and sometimes I sold cigars on the side.

XBIZ: Romeo y Julieta or Cohiba cigars?

Star: They didn’t have Cohiba where I was, so I sold Don Arturo cigars. Then, one day, I heard two girls talking about doing porn. I always thought I was going to end up being a stripper, ‘cause I thought strippers were very sexual people. Never knew too much about porn. But, when I went to my first porn shoot as an extra, that was the day I realized I was born to do porn. All my exes would have pictures and videos that I would send them, and they used to try and blackmail me! “Oh, I’m going to show it to the world.” And I would say, “Oh my god! No!” I would go to their houses and try to delete them from the computer, haha.

So, right after I got into doing porn, everybody called me a whore. And I always said, “Thank you, I’m a really good whore.” I was very happy, you know, to be in the industry. I think the industry has shown me a lot and it helped me grow. It opened my eyes to a lot. It makes you more independent. You should do whatever you want, whatever you love. And don’t let anybody try and tell you otherwise. Do things that make you happy, that’s why I’m in porn. Even now that I have money, I would still do porn. It doesn’t change any facts, it’s just all about what I like: being on the screen, being the best and doing something different. I try and change positions, lift a different leg up, try to make it crazy. I’m just like that in my personal life, so. Trying to always be different, trying something new.

XBIZ: Did you get your start in the Miami porn scene before California?

Star: Yes, I started in Miami like many girls and I stayed there for two years. I had a really good life there, with all my family, so it was hard to move to L.A., but I knew that was the next step. And when I was in Vegas shooting one day, I had an opportunity to interview with Spiegler.

XBIZ: How did Spiegler hear about you and how did you hear of him?

Star: I was signing with Evil Angel my first year in the industry, and then he came to me, but I didn’t know who he was. For this reason, I wish I had had more knowledge of the industry I was getting involved with. He told me I needed to do anal shoots. I’d never done anal before in my life and I thought I was never going to do it. So, I said, “No, maybe later.” And then he laughed and said to call him later.

Then, two years later, there was a rumor that I wanted to do anal. I had started trying to put stuff in my butt and I liked it. I was in Vegas shooting and somebody told me, “Do you want to have a meeting with Spiegler?” And I was like, “Sure.” Then they said, “But you have to be here tomorrow!”

So, I rented a car, drove from Vegas to L.A., and saw him. I walked into his house wearing a butt plug. He told me, “Let me see! You ready to do everything?” And then I said, “I’m ready, I have a surprise!” I turned around, showed him the buttplug, and he’s like, “Oh, my god!” And then that’s it. He told me, “If you move to L.A. I will represent you.” That was on a Wednesday. I flew back on Thursday.

XBIZ: What year was this?

Star: I signed with him in October about three years ago, right before Halloween. I put all my stuff in storage, and moved here having no apartment, staying in a hotel. I rented a room, and then eventually rented an apartment. Now I’m here, and I love it. It was the best decision ever.

XBIZ: So, what companies have shot you the most since then?

Star: I think one of the biggest ones has been Bang Bros. I always love them, they always take care of me, and to this day they still shoot me. Brazzers, too. They all shoot me so much. And Evil Angel. For me, they’re the biggest companies. I also did my first interracial with Evil Angel.

XBIZ: What are your main goals as far as this coming year? Are there any firsts you haven’t done yet?

Star: For this new year, I want to get in touch with more people and have more people get to know me. I feel like I’m a good performer, and I really love what I do. And I want people to know I really like sex. When I’m doing my movies, I want people at home to say, “I can do that!” I also want to explore being with two guys at once.

XBIZ: So, you’ve never done that? Boy/boy/girl?

Star: Not even in my personal life! But, I’ve been with multiple girls, like four girls in one day. I’ve sucked two dicks at the same time, but that doesn’t count. But actually having sex with two guys, haven’t done that. And I’ve never done DP. And lately, when I do anal, I fantasize about DP. Because I kind of like anal, and I never thought I’d say that, but I actually enjoy it! So, when I’m having anal, I feel like I’m missing something. Even if it does hurt like a motherfucker… it’s like a sexual thing… if it’s two, it’s like “ugh!” But, I’m working on it, maybe a gangbang here and there. Who knows? I’m willing to do anything and to explore.

I’ve always been very sexual, so anything new that I come into… like anal, I take it like a champ. Just because my sexuality inside makes me open to everything, and so I’ve never done anything that I’m like “ew!” It’s the other way around. I’m always saying “oh, I like this too! I should have done this before.” I’m up for anything new. I’m getting into the fetish world. Like, as a person, I kind of like the power that girls have over guys.

XBIZ: Like Dom/sub stuff? Are you the Dom?

Star: Yes! I’m very Dom. I’m always trying to fuck the other person. I feel like I’m missing something, you know? Not everybody’s into pain, but I like to give pain to other people, I don’t know why. I’ve always been the person that likes to make somebody fall in love with you, and then break their heart. Now, I’m trying to get to the physical level too. So, I’m enjoying this. I’m enjoying this business and being a part of it. There’s so much that I’m learning. And I wish I was smarter about it, but I’m getting into it.

XBIZ: What do you do in your personal life to relax in between shoots or stay in shape for the next one?

Star: I’m not a “going out” person. I went out since I was 16 and as soon as I had to wait in line at the clubs, I wasn’t interested. If I’m not going in through the back door, then I don’t want to go to the club. I think I went out so much when I was younger, that now I like to do things I’ve never been able to before. Like skydiving, learning how to fly a plane or learning about metals. I don’t know. I feel like making the brain strong is all about moving and learning something new to create new cells. So, I try to learn something every day. And If I don’t, then I figure out something new to do for an activity.

XBIZ: How did you develop such an incredible sense of fashion and style?

Star: I like to dress well! I’ve always wanted to have my own boutique. I know how to make clothes, but I’m not the best at it. So, I always wanted to have a place where I can have many designers showing off their clothes, and I could wear them. I went to school for business administration and financial studies, so for me, that’s so little for what I really want. But, I would do that as a hobby so I could have a big closet.

XBIZ: Are there any particular fashion brands you like?

Star: I like all of them. I like everything.  I’m vegan, so it’s really hard because most clothing and accessory products I like are animal-based. But, I’m vegan more for my health. I’ve read so much about everything, and once you know something and you don’t do something about it, it’s your fucking problem. Everything I can learn about, I try to make better. One day I want to go to space. That’s my goal. I want to fly.

XBIZ: You want to go to space with Virgin Galactic?

Star: The one that I want to do now costs five million dollars. But, I’m not going to spend my money on that just yet.

XBIZ: So, with your vegan diet, does that mean no Cuban dishes like ropa vieja or lechón?

Star: The truth is, I’ve been vegan for two years, and I only cheat on Christmas with my family, because my dad cooks the best food in the world. I swear to god, there is no 300-dollar steak that tastes like my parents’ cooking. So, I will not eat a whole plate, but I love it so much. It hurts so much. But in two years I’ve only done it twice. Let’s keep it that way.

XBIZ: Back to business, what are your main revenue streams?

Star: I want to get into camming. That’s on my goal list this year. I want to do it for my fans more than anything. Plus, it’s a good income source. I have a little business here and there. I’ve been saving my money through porn. That’s why I’m very happy; since I’ve been with Spiegler, I’ve gotten a lot of income. Steady income. So, I can invest my money elsewhere. And little by little, I invest. I’ve opened two little companies, coffee shops. I’m trying to open five, and I’m opening the first one in March. I also partner with other people, financing them.

XBIZ: So, you get a cut of their action?

Star: Yes, I get my money back with interest, and I’m part of the business still. That’s actually my biggest source of money, is giving money to people that pay me back with interest. A little loan. The smaller the loans, the more money I make. The bigger the loans… it depends.

XBIZ: You’re kind of like a loan shark?

Star: Pretty much. I really like it, because all my life I’ve been a big hustler. Even when I didn’t have money, people would ask me for stuff and I’d say, “I’ll give you anything you want, but you’ve got to pay me back with interest, because if we go to the bank, it’s the same thing. So, why would I do anything different? That’s where my biggest income comes from.

XBIZ: How about porn-related sources of income. You mentioned working a lot for the likes of Bang Bros. and Evil Angel. I also noticed you landed the cover for Hard X’s “Latin Asses Vol. 3” recently.

Star: Yeah, Hard X with Mason, I really love her. She called me the squirt goddess. She said, “A squirter is born!” What happened was, somebody cancelled, so they called Spiegler the night before and asked him if I could squirt. And I was like “hell yeah!” And then, he was like “I need pictures of your fingers, your throat, blah blah.” And then she booked me. I went prepared, and it was just going everywhere. I was squirting in my mouth. I was planning where my squirting was going, and it was going in my mouth. So, she was like, “oh my god, oh my god!” She loved it, and said that she wanted to book me again. After that, she booked me like two more times.

XBIZ: For this next year, you mentioned you want to get much bigger exposure. How do you hope to achieve that?

Star: I want to shoot with companies I haven’t done yet. When people shoot me once, then I’m really good, and I bring all my fans. I’m getting better with the online situation. I know most people don’t want to pay for porn, but that’s what we get paid for. So, go fucking buy it! It’s only a dollar, it’s like tips, you know? When people go to a restaurant, I give more tips. Buy my porn, so I can make more money. But, I’ll keep shooting for sure, because that’s what’s important.

XBIZ: Are there any particular directors you haven’t shot with that you would like to work with?

Star: I want to meet more people in general. So, if you haven’t shot me, then please shoot me. I want to meet you! Spiegler helped me find a lot of new people, like Mason — I just shot with her and I didn’t even know her. I thought Mason was a guy name! When I met her, she was so dope. She was the coolest person ever. That was one of my goals. I shot one scene for Jules Jordan. I thought he liked me, but he’s a little mysterious. Once you shoot me, you’ll love me because I’m a giver. I like to give my all always, whatever the situation. Porn or business or in my house or with my friends and family. I always try to give my best. So, I think people will see it. I’m part of this business because I want to be. No one is forcing me. I want to keep being in it as much as I can.


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