The Stockroom, Sportsheets Agree to 'Hit the Reset Button'

The Stockroom, Sportsheets Agree to 'Hit the Reset Button'

LOS ANGELES — Sportsheets International and The Stockroom announced today that they’ve both agreed to “hit the reset button” in their longstanding business relationship.

The two adult companies for the past year have waged a legal feud against each other over Sportsheets' trademark, "Under the Bed Restraint System," and the sale of such similar goods.

Yesterday, XBIZ reported that the companies had settled a lawsuit waged by Sportsheets and counterclaims made by The Stockroom.

The companies told XBIZ today that to resolve the suit and counterclaims The Stockroom has “agreed to re-name a product that Sportsheets argued was too-similarly named to its registered trademark.”

The companies, both based in Southern California, also noted that they’ve “hit the reset button” and will continue their business relationship together again.

"I think it's fair to say that cooler heads prevailed on both sides," The Stockroom CEO Joel Tucker said. "Sportsheets and Stockroom have peacefully coexisted and done business together for 20-plus years, and I think all concerned realized that we are better off as friends.

“It wasn't necessary for us to fight over our disputed issues when a mutually acceptable compromise was within reach, and we could settle this amicably and continue as friends."

Tom Stewart, founder of Sportsheets, said that, “we are pleased with the resolution and look forward to being back on track with Stockroom for a mutually prosperous 2017.”