Kay Brandt to Crowdfund Horror Film 'Cutters'

Kay Brandt to Crowdfund Horror Film 'Cutters'

LOS ANGELES — Director Kay Brandt has announced a crowdfunding campaign through AdultXFunding.com for her upcoming horror film "Cutters," based on the novel she is publishing this summer.

The hard R-rated title will feature adult stars and the highest campaign contributors will receive an X-rated version, with a slated release around Christmas if the campaign succeeds.

At the 2017 XBIZ Awards, the acclaimed Adam & Eve director won four trophies for her films "Babysitting the Baumgartners" and "Forked." Now, the prolific erotica writer is setting her sights on the horror genre, though "Cutters" is not her first foray into such a dark and grisly realm. Last year, she released "Soles," a deliciously devious tale of family curses and a haunted shoe store.

"'Soles' was the first horror novel I wrote," Brandt told XBIZ. "It's about a shoe store afflicted with a family lineage curse that’s gone on for two generations. The son inherits the store on his 18th birthday and has no choice but to go back and deal with the demons that possessed his grandfather and father, to fight the curse or to succumb to it. I would love to make 'Soles' into a horror movie, but it would take an enormous amount of special effects.

"'Cutters' will have a lot of special effects too, but it’s more of the traditional horror movie type of gore, whereas 'Soles' would need puppetry and all kinds of things to animate the shoes," she continued. "'Cutters' is about a clinical trial and it's all girls. They quickly realize they’re not alone in this clinic and there’s something demonic going on in the basement. Then, they have to survive the harrowing trials that follow.

"It’s a contained horror movie that takes place entirely in the clinic," Brandt noted. "As far as I know, there’s never been a mainstream horror movie that has a cast made of primarily adult stars. And while I’m planning to make this a hard R-rated horror movie, there’s also going to be a bonus for the highest level of contributors to the campaign — they’ll get an X-rated version that won’t go out publicly at first, and certainly not until the mainstream one is released."

To learn more about the campaign and contribute, click here.