ClickCastX Enables Cam Users to Broadcast to Models

ClickCastX Enables Cam Users to Broadcast to Models

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced the release of a new two-way live cam module for its content management solution that allows registered users to broadcast themselves privately to models.

According to the company, for the first time, users can register onto a site running ClickCastX’s software platform and allow a model to see them and interact with them via live video, audio and text chat.

“You see me and I see you,” says ClickCastX CEO Claude Lai. “Live cam models can decide not to show themselves at all if they want and only allow users to watch them, or models and users can watch each other.”

“This is a relatively new concept in live camming,” Lai adds. “This new feature allows users to feel like they are fully interacting with their favorite live cam model.”

Lai points to as an example of the new two-way cam system in action.

“Here, users are the models, and webcam models (‘cam-panions’) can watch or interact in real time,” Lai explains. “With this new module, users can also go live using their mobile or tablet device.

“In a world where it’s difficult to stand out,” Lai concludes, “this new technology is helping our clients create new business opportunities.”

To make the system more accessible, ClickCastX is on sale for a limited time.

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