ClickCastX Integrates Visibit for Live VR Streaming

ClickCastX Integrates Visibit for Live VR Streaming

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced the integration of Visibit’s cloud-based virtual reality content encoding and publishing platform with its content management solution.

According to ClickCastX CEO Claude Lai, Visibit’s custom player allows users to watch 4K 360 VR videos even at low connection speeds, including from a 3G or 4G mobile connection.

“Their genius is the way they splice up the video content into a grid where only the field of view of the user’s Oculus device is rendering video, and eliminating all nonviewable video from being streamed,” Lai explains. “As a user looks up or down, left or right, their player automatically and seamlessly shows only what that viewer is looking at in their field of view, which is a lot less than 360 degrees!”

Lai says that by utilizing the Visibit streaming and encoding platform, live and recorded virtual reality videos can now be played on Google Cardboard devices, and because the video is split into a grid of numerous elements, played in real time.

“Virtual reality is the future,” Lai says, “and the team at ClickCastX has invested hundreds of hours [building] the latest tools for our clients.”

These tools encompass live cam and pre-recorded VR video publishing to any mobile device without requiring an app or plugin, including Google Cardboard, Apple iOS, and Samsung Gear VR.

To make this technology more accessible, ClickCastX is on sale for a limited time, with discounts of $50 per month on the basic plan, and $100 per month on pro plans. All plans come with live cam support, video on demand, digital downloads, membership subscription functions, and Wowza’s streaming server (a $95 monthly value).

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