War Machine Rejects Plea Deals, Case Goes to Trial Next Month

War Machine Rejects Plea Deals, Case Goes to Trial Next Month

LAS VEGAS — Trial begins next month in the criminal case against War Machine, who was accused of attacking ex-girlfriend and former porn star Christy Mack

War Machine, a former porn performer and mixed-martial-arts fighter, is charged with 34 counts of attempted murder, battery and sexual assault in relation to the attack at Mack's Las Vegas home in 2014, which also injured her friend, Corey Thomas.

War Machine, whose birth name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, earlier this month rejected a plea deal with prosecutors.

The state offered War Machine two separate plea deals that would have sent him to prison for 16 years to life or 18 to 40 years.  

Now, the case goes to a jury trial in Las Vegas and is slated for Feb. 27. War Machine faces life in prison if he's convicted on at least the attempted murder charge.

When she was attacked, Mack alleged she suffered from 18 broken bones, along with a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib and a ruptured liver.

Two weeks ago, in an evidentiary hearing, Clark County District Judge Elissa Cadish ruled that jurors can hear testimony about a discussion that War Machine and Mack had about a rape fantasy prior to the attack.

War Machine has been incarcerated in Clark County, Nev., since his apprehension in mid-2014. He’s currently serving an 18-month-to-four-year prison term for violating his probation in a prior assault case.