Topher DiMaggio Named FleshJack Boy

Topher DiMaggio Named FleshJack Boy

AUSTIN — Interactive Life Forms, makers of FleshJack brand products, has announced its partnership with Topher DiMaggio in the launch of new FleshJack custom molded sex toys.

“We are beyond excited to have Topher DiMaggio join the FleshJack family,” said Daniel Harvell, director of the FleshJack line. “As a 10-year veteran of the adult industry and the face of the Andrew Christian underwear line, he is one of the most well-known stars in the business today. Fans of both Topher and adult toys are going to go crazy for this new line of products.”

The new line of FleshJack products will feature toys molded during DiMaggio’s visit to the ILF offices in Austin, Texas, in December. DiMaggio’s toy will have its own unique texture, which is designed and produced in the U.S. As with all products under the FleshJack brand, the toys will be made of the body-safe patented SuperSkin material.

In addition to his time as an adult male star and representation of the Andrew Christian brand, DiMaggio has also received a number of award nominations and wins over the last several years including the 2014 “Top of the Year” at the Grabbys. He is an international and domestic magazine cover model and has been featured on more than  100 movie box covers.
“When it comes to adult products for gay men, nobody does it better than FleshJack,” said Topher DiMaggio. “I’ve resisted partnering with toy companies for a long time, but FleshJack has an unbeatable reputation. And my fans have been asking for a toy line for years – they won’t be disappointed.”