eSensual Books Remembers 2016 as Successful Year

LONDON — eSensual Books said that it “closed out 2016 with record success.” The company, launched in 2013 and specializing in erotic audio, said it has enjoyed “better than 50 percent growth, year on year” and has “consistently been ahead of the wave of the latest audio trends.”

“The erotic audio sector is continuing to grow at a steady pace and will soon be a real competitor in the sex tech (market) and what we at eSensual term the ‘virtual Intimacy’ market,” said Essemoh Teepee, director of eSensual Books. “We are pleased to be ahead of the curve again on this one, and we are ready to fill the need for more quality erotic audio products.”

eSensual Books said it “is now the exclusive publisher of over 200 titles distributed internationally across multiple platforms, and that number is growing daily.”

Directed Erotic Visualization (DEV), the mainstay of its business, was created by Teepee in 2009 and “has more than 3 million audios downloaded to date,” the company said. 

“It is virtual reality without the goggles,” said Genevieve Ash, executive director of eSensual Books. “Once you feel the power and pleasure of really experiencing any fantasy you desire, it is difficult to resist.”

Teepee said, “If there is a way to give people pleasure through the spoken word, we are going to find it. The thing that makes Directed Erotic Visualisation uniquely different from other audio products is the intimacy, the up close and personal connection — which is created between the narrator and the listener through quality scripts and expert narration.” 

For more information on eSensual Books, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter


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