TrystXo's G-Rider Set for February Release

TrystXo's G-Rider Set for February Release

SYDNEY — TrystXo has announced that its G-Rider — a portable, hands-free, fully rotational mount for sex toys — will be released in February. A crowdfunding campaign for the G-Rider was recently held on Indiegogo.

“We have produced limited stock of the product prior to the market release in Feb. 2017,” a representative for the Sydney, Australia-based TrystXo said. “Retailers or wholesalers who support our campaign will receive priority stocks and referral advertisements for the February release. Get one now and try it out and see what is sure to be the number one product for 2017.”

A free digital guidebook, “The Joys of G-Rider: An Introduction to G-Riding,” can be downloaded at

“Our game-changing, hands-free Rider technology allows your hands to run free on you or your lover, and not miss out on any stimulation,” a TrystXo spokesperson said. “You'll no longer be restricted to spending sex on your back with hands occupied, controlling your toy.”

For more information, follow the G-Rider on Twitter or Instagram.