Elsa Jean Casts a Fiery Spell

Elsa Jean Casts a Fiery Spell

LOS ANGELES — There is a lightness to her, unblemished, a silky softness that can be roughly handled without breaking. Even the whisper of her name, Elsa Jean, is itself the soothing vibration of a Stradivarius violin, a silvery and lyrical surrender.

For she is the innocence of animal love, her savage adorations reminding the beast beneath our tender skin that this masquerade civilization we call “society” is less pure... that fucking and loving are kindred spirits, the one a howling triumph no less a journey to higher realms than the deepest meditations of the other.

And reflecting on those dimpled, sweat-beaded cheeks is as like to inspire satori, ecstasy and sexual epiphanies as any aphrodisiac ever could. She will take you, distant viewer or intimate lover, on a panty-stripping pilgrimage, more touching than the holiest of sojourns. Quickly or for hours, feverishly or with relaxing tempos, Jean is there to whisk you away.

Pixie petite and haloed in a golden mane, the fountain-of-youth starlet is the very epitome of a spinner. That flawless, photogenic and nubile dazzle has landed her cover after cover, be it glamcore seductions, fauxcest ferocities or vampy vixen vignettes. After all, a strong title demands a title fighter, a gilded knockout to empty wallets, and at her feet the laurels pile beside the bling in equally generous sums.

Her deliciously demure femininity at once demands to be consumed with rakishly ravenous haste, and yet savored slowly all the same, breathed in through smiling lips like the whirling vapors of finely rolled cigarillos.

Whether she serves as the main course for the sex-starved scavenger or as a posh palette cleanser for the well-fed gourmand, Jean is giddily eager to oblige. Whether sprinting across her flickering shallows or diving into her watery fathoms, she offers all manner of physical terrain for male talent to worship.

For that adorably porcelain stature… those lithe dimensions, could easily be garbed in threading most suitable to a doll. Like a toy crafted with the decadence of palatial décor, as much for play as for parlor gloss, Jean can sit upon a knee with Lolita-esque lust or be thrown by mannish hands against a wall, throttled.

With a carnal spectrum so majestically manifold, as any true adult entertainment sophisticate would expect, Jean was recognized in 2016 by XBIZ as Best New Starlet material, earning the coveted nouveau riche nomination. A year later, she ascended those spiraling cinematic staircases with enough confidence and grace to attain a 2017 XBIZ Award nomination for Female Performer of the Year.

She was also nominated, this year, in the category of Best Sex Scene — All-Girl for her pairing with Leah Gotti in “A Soft Touch 2” (Digital Sin), itself an All-Girl Series of the Year nominee, and her wicked turn as a sultry acolyte with Ryan Driller in “All Natural Saints” (Hustler Video) earned a Best Sex Scene — Vignette Release nom.

That her rise was so swift may explain the head-spinning blur afflicting less cutting-edge media gentry, who yet believe she dwells in the lesser sphere of freshly laid novelty. Hall of fame cryptkeepers, archivists too dust-ridden from cataloguing apocrypha, might mistake Jean for an ingénue. Alas, a model of her magnificence has already surpassed such heights, enthroned as she is amidst more celestial peers. Merely ask the visionary vanguard conquering interstellar vistas where the future leads, for they include Jean on their shortlist of now-veteran finery, making mirthful mockery of misguided mothballs who perceive a new starlet.

Rest assured, she pays close attention to such trifles, parsing the past-blinded paupers from the clairvoyant nobility, for Jean graduated high school at the ripe age of 16. Equipped with so scholarly a mind for marvels and deviant delights, the 21-year-old says her early departure from the locker-laden halls of teenage trysts was a matter of personal eccentricity.

“I graduated from high school early, mostly because I didn't really fit in,” Jean reminisced. “Same with college. I just woke up one day and was like, I don't want to do this anymore, haha. So, I took a break and I might go back.”

Vowing to progress further in her studies on the distant morrow, Jean is currently focused on evolving in the adult industry, undergoing even greater transformations than from those earliest of days. “I've grown so much since then, personally I learned so much about myself,” she related. “Like, what exactly I like both in bed and outside. Career-wise I've grown a lot. I've been in for almost two years now. And I've changed so much since I started.” Much, indeed, has metamorphed over the span of more than 140 titles, according to her prolific IAFD.com profile.

Harkening back to those foggy yesteryears, Jean elucidated, “When I first started, I didn't give blowjobs… and now I love them! And, I learned how to give them.” As fate would have it, her oral initiation occurred on film. “My first scene was my first blowjob. It’s so crazy, to look back on that. When I started, I really wanted to dedicate my time into this career. And I think I've done that.” 

She ascribes much of her rapidly brightening stardom to a host of influential mentors and colleagues, whose powerful onscreen presences, social media savvy and behind-the-scenes puppetmastery have bolstered her business brawns with tangible, trajectory-boosting results. “Everyone knows I'm best friends with Katrina Jade,” she pointed out, underscoring that her staunchest ally and surest spirit animal is none other than fellow 2017 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year nominee Jade.

“So, I have to say she's helped me so much,” Jean enthused. “She's given me both career and personal advice. I've never had a friend like that before. Also, my friend Sal Genoa. I think he's guided me the most throughout my career. I can call him any time of the day and he will give me the honest truth.”

Another critical factor in her remarkably ribald resume is the eminently approachable, wonderfully wise and shrewdly strategic Mark Schechter, lord of the Adult Talent Management Agency (ATMLA) manor. “My agency has also helped mentor me,” she beamed. “They have been there since day one. And, I have no words for how thankful I am for that.”

Thanks to Schechter’s promising positioning, Jean has crossed paths, linked limbs and groped gonads with the uppermost echelons of the biz. “I've worked with a lot of porn's best, so there's so many people I look up too,” she confessed. One starlet, with whom she has not yet had the pleasure of engaging in erotic acts, is the heartwarming (not to mention loins-warming) Anikka Albrite. “I've never worked with Anikka, but I really look up to her,” Jean expressed with a fawning wink. “I watched her before I started. I love how much of a pro she is at anal. And, I hope to be there one day.” 

As for the coming days and years, Jean has no shortage of ambitions. “My goals for 2017 are to get my site up and running,” she said. “I also would love to shoot a blowbang, start doing live shows for my fans and go to more of the signing conventions. I also have some personal goals like traveling more. So, I plan to keep my schedule very busy.”

Leaning back, her sparkling gaze searched the fog of future ventures. Her forecast for five years hence may be as murky as the fickleness of fate, yet she concluded, “People always ask five years from now and that's such a long time. So much can change in five years. I would love to shoot an anal scene, since everyone keeps asking about that. I also want to shoot a BBG. Also, I would love to shoot some of my own scenes for sites or my own site. And really, learn the whole industry from both sides of the camera!”

Featured image courtesy of black candi.