Dennis Hof's Love Ranch Vegas Seeks Britney Spears Lookalike

CRYSTAL, Nev. — Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Vegas, located in Nye County outside Las Vegas, is seeking a Britney Spears lookalike for the legal brothel.

Hof, who owns seven legal brothels in Nevada, said that the popularity of Spears’ show “Britney: Piece of Me” — which has been in residence at the Axis Auditorium inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas — has resulted in countless requests for employees who resemble the pop singer.

“Men, women and couples will go to Britney’s show, get turned-on — and  then, they’ll call us expecting the Love Ranch Vegas to have an X-rated experience to go along with the event,”  Hof said. “Customers expect the Love Ranch Vegas to provide hands-on parody packages along the lines of a ‘Britney Spears Sex Adventure,’ and I've decided that we should.”

Hof said that Spears has been a popular sex symbol ever since her “Baby One More Time” video came out in 1999.

“The ‘90s video with Britney wearing a salacious schoolgirl outfit left an indelible mark in the sexual minds of many people from that  generation,” Hof said. “Spears single-handedly reinvigorated schoolgirl roleplay overnight, and that was only the start. Her significance as a sexual influencer cannot be ignored.”

A spokesperson for Hof said that he will personally audition candidates in January and February and that “the most important attributes he’s looking for are a likeness to Spears and a nonjudgmental attitude toward her fans' particular sexual proclivities.”

“The working girl would have to be open to portraying a lot of different personas, just like Spears, and satisfying a variety of fetishes,” Hof said. 

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