Entrenue Releases 2017 Print, Digital Catalog

Entrenue Releases 2017 Print, Digital Catalog

PHOENIX — Entrenue has released a 2017 Mega Supplement to complement its 2016 catalog and update customers on the latest additions and debuts from the boutique distributor.

The supplement, available via a 144-page print catalog or USB flash drive at special request, includes Entrenue’s new offerings for 2017 as well as a list of discontinued items for product ordering.

Following the art deco theme and design of the 2016 print catalog, the 2017 Mega Supplement capitalizes on Entrenue’s recent website optimization to give customers a more simple and efficient way to do business. Customers will see new items and exclusives from Bijoux Indiscrets, Dame Products, Fun Factory, LELO, Unbound, We-Vibe, and more with full-color photos and detailed descriptions.

“This year, in the interest of saving paper, postage, time, and our customers’ arm muscles, we decided to change up our yearly catalog tradition for the simplicity and beauty of something digital,” said Jen Urso, Entrenue director of digital marketing. “This means our customers can hold onto their 2016 catalog for the bulk of our regular items while using our supplement to see everything that is new since. We’ve also included a list of discontinued items at the end of each chapter to make it easier to know what is no longer available.”

Entrenue says it encourages customers to use its 2016 catalog for regular orders, and the Mega Supplement to order new releases coming in 2017.

“We are very proud of our 2017 Mega Supplement, which is a continuation of the beautiful art-deco theme from our 2016 Entrenue Catalog and designed to promote special, newly released items that will be available for order,” said Lily Wang, Entrenue director of sales and marketing. “The 2017 Mega Supplement features exciting debuts from some of the industry’s favorite boutique brands as well as tried-and-true mainstays that Entrenue customers can’t do business without.”

According to the company, Entrenue’s decided to create a print piece that focused on new items rather than recreating an entire portfolio.

“This being the year of many changes, we are happy to offer our catalog and mega supplement in digital form, too, via a lovely Entrenue-esque USB drive that features our insignia logo etched in a crystal handle with a chrome cap,” Wang said. “It’s a lovely fun and functional piece of swag that’s available upon request. Now customers don’t have to carry out 5.8-pound catalog around at trade shows!”

Entrenue’s 2017 Mega Supplements have been shipped to active customers. To order a copy, email info@entrenue.com.

To view the 2017 Mega Supplement and more of Entrenue’s offerings, visit Entrenue.com.

To place a product order, call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.