Ela Darling Seeks Calif. Democratic Assembly Delegate Seat

Ela Darling Seeks Calif. Democratic Assembly Delegate Seat

TOLUCA LAKE, Calif. — Ela Darling has decided to put her feet into the rings of politics.

The adult entertainment star who, along with peers and the Free Speech Coalition, helped knock out Proposition 60 last month, is running for a seat as a Democratic Assembly district delegate.

Darling is running for one of 14 available seats in District 39, in the northern part of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. Each of the 80 districts in California will elect seven men and seven women for seats in the first week of January.

The soon-to-be elected California delegates attend the California Democratic Party conventions for 2017 and 2018

Darling, the VR content manager for CAM4VR, told XBIZ on Friday that she has big concerns where the Democratic party is heading and that she wanted to get involved after Donald Trump was elected president.

“After successfully campaigning against Prop 60 all year, I was inspired to continue to find ways to contribute politically,” Darling said. “I am disheartened by the results of the presidential election and concerned about the Democratic Party.

“I decided to run to be one of the 14 Democratic Assembly district delegates for District 39 to have a stronger voice in politics and gain more sway in improving the Democratic Party from within.

“I'm campaigning with a slate of candidates who all share progressive values and vision for the party. I'm excited to see how things go on Jan. 7 or 8!”

Election day for Democratic Assembly district delegates will be one of those two days, and candidates can still sign up for the delegate elections.

Delegates attend the annual Democrats Convention, network with other Democrats, elect party officers, promote the California Democratic party agenda, endorse candidates for statewide — legislative and congressional office — and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures all doing so while representing their constituency.

The California Democratic Party, as an example, resolved to disapprove of Prop 60, the voted- down state initiative that called for enforcing condom use during all adult film production sites across California, as well as other new rules for producers of erotic content.

Elected delegates must reside in their respective assembly districts and be a Democrat.

To learn more about the Democrat election meetings, click here. To find out assembly districts by address, click here