Motorbunny Adds New Saddle Covers

Motorbunny Adds New Saddle Covers

LOS ANGELES — Motorbunny is debuting new Saddle Covers, which allow users to personalize their device with a Christmas theme or other colors for the holidays.

“The Motorbunny Saddle Cover colorful addition to the Motorbunny portfolio that adds style and personality to an already versatile toy,” said Craig Mewbourne, brand consultant for MB Technologies. “We’re here to enable sexually creative experiences, and now fans of the Motorbunny can now change the color of their machines to reflect their creativity any time they want, quickly and easily.”

Made of soft, durable and water-resistant Nylon, the Motorbunny Saddle Cover can be attached to the Motorbunny with four Velcro securing points. It can be cleaned with soap and water and comes in a variety of colors including a holiday pattern, as well as purple, pink white, black and blue.

Motorbunny has also been nominated for New Pleasure Products Company of the Year at the XBIZ Awards.

The cover will help to protect the Motorbunny and add comfort with its soft surface and resilient materials, for $24.99 plus tax.

“Our customers have been asking for ways to protect and personalize their Motorbunny and the holidays are an ideal time to roll out the saddle cover and bring out a little holiday cheer with a Christmas-themed cover,” Mewbourne said. “It’s the perfect way to add protection, color and style to your Motorbunny at an affordable price!”

To see more accessories such as the new Jiggle Butt attachment and fetish-themed nipple clamps, wrist and ankle restraints, knee pads and other attachments, visit

Made of high-quality, comfortable, durable materials, Motorbunny offers a variety of 100 percent silicone and TPE attachments of various shapes and sizes, and plans to regularly roll out experimental designs.