ExoClick Offers HTML5 Video Ads

ExoClick Offers HTML5 Video Ads

BARCELONA — ExoClick has announced its launch of a new ad format for its platform: HTML5 video banner ads.

According to the company, this rich media format enables advertisers to create compelling video ads to place on publisher sites on ExoClick’s global network. The MP4 video ads are available in all banner sizes, including 120×600, 160×600, 250×250, 300x50, 300x100, 300×250, 315×300, 468×60, and 728×90, with a maximum file size of 1.5Mb.

With optimized compression, the HTML5 videos can be up to 30 seconds in length.

The new option can be found under “Admin Panel > Advertisers > Campaigns,” and involves the same process used to upload standard image banners, with clients now having a second option to upload a video banner.

For advertisers, video banners have a much higher CTR than static images, and are ideal for content producers, VOD and live cam advertisers. For publishers, the video ads automatically display on their sites.

Because security is of paramount importance to ExoClick, all video ads are hosted on ExoClick’s CDN, which means they are 100 percent safe, with no harmful scripts contained within the video banner ads.

For the end user, optimized video banner playback ensures that their browser downloads the video file while it is playing, for a fast, glitch-free viewing experience.

“We are the first adult ad network to offer this rich media video banner ad format,” says ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé. “These ads are obviously very interesting, because they allow advertisers and affiliates to produce really creative content for their offers which look much better than standard GIF banners.”

Fonzé notes that with playback optimization, a large range of banner sizes, and engaging content, the company expects much higher CTR and conversion rates when using this new banner format.

“As ExoClick kicks off its 10th year, we continue to launch innovative platform features that help our advertiser clients achieve an even higher ROI,” Fonzé explains. “In addition, our constant reinvestment in in-house technology ensures that we protect our publisher clients from malware and non-compliant advertising.”