Reena Sky Is Girlsway's December 'Girl of the Month'

Reena Sky Is Girlsway's December 'Girl of the Month'

MONTREAL — Lesbian erotica site announced today the selection of Reena Sky as its December 2016 “Girl of the Month.”

"I'm humbled and honored to work for Girlsway, I love this site so much!" Sky said. "It's my favorite brand of all time, they care so much about the product!"

The California-born brunette has starred in several sizzling scenes for the company since coming onboard in 2015, quickly establishing herself as one of the most talented actresses in the Girlsway universe.

Since coming on board in 2015, Sky has quickly established herself as one of the most talented actresses at Girlsway.

Sky can currently be seen starring in Girlsway's newly-released holiday mini-series “Christmas Spirit,” which had its worldwide premiere Nov. 18 on DVD, video-on-demand and at

“The first day we ever had Reena on set, her chemistry with her co-star was so explosive that I got texts from my crew telling me they had to literally be pulled apart after wrap!” said Girlsway producer and director Bree Mills, who also serves as Gamma Films' head of production. “I knew then that we had a Girlsway girl on our hands!  Since then, she has never failed to impress us at any of our shoots.  We love working with Reena!”

Sky will join Girlsway's other selected “Girls of the Month” to compete for the coveted Girlsway “Girl of the Year” title in January, an award honoring exceptional talent who will represent the company in high-profile ads as well as receive a cash prize of $5,000.

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