VR3000, Webmaster Central Offer FlatVR Bonus Content

VR3000, Webmaster Central Offer FlatVR Bonus Content

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has announced the release of FlatVR, a bonus content collection that places more than 5000 classic adult HD videos into a virtual environment. 

According to the company, the FlatVR collection is an ideal starting point for adult businesses that want to cash in on the growing popularity of virtual reality content.

“We made sure to get this out in time for Christmas, since the VR industry is expecting a huge push in December thanks to the release of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 VR system,” explains Andrew Alvarez, CEO of Webmaster Central and VR3000.  “The FlatVR content is a lower cost alternative to our Ultra 4K 3D video, which uses more bandwidth. It’s a totally immersive experience that finally gives all adult websites a chance to compete again with the free tube sites.”

All FlatVR videos are embedded in a VR environment resembling a state-of-the-art home environment, complete with a giant flat screen TV.  Webmaster Central will release additional VR environments in the near future, and sees the FlatVR experience as a great way to get customers hooked on VR.

“Once guys get hooked on VR, they’re not going to want to go back to jerking off to a mobile phone screen,” adds Alvarez. “The VR experience is just so much more intense, so it keeps customers coming back for more.  We make sure our clients have a steady stream of new VR content experiences ready for their members each month, and there’s minimal effort needed to integrate our content with an existing adult site design.”

A free demo account is available here for adult businesses, using the username/password combo of “webmasterCheck/vr3000Check” to log in. Then choose the “Bonus Content” link near the top of the page to access the demo.  The password expires on 11/30/2016.

For more information, email sales@webmastercentral.com.