Eroticon Announces Speakers for 2017 Event

Eroticon Announces Speakers for 2017 Event

LONDON — Eroticon, a U.K. event for erotic writers, has announced the speakers for its 2017 conference, to be held in London Mar. 4-5.

Speakers will include Dr. Kate Lister, who will be discussing the history of erotica and ways to build a following on Twitter, as well as performers Jasmine and King Noire. Jasmine, who is coming in from the U.S. and has a background in social work, will discuss people of color in the adult industry. 

BBC3’s Emily Rose Yates will be speaking about her work with the charity Enhance the U.K., which focuses on sex and disabilities.

Confirmed sponsors for Eroticon 2017 include The Rabbit Company, Doxy, Hot Octopuss, Freedoms Shop, Godemiche, Ruby Glow by Tabitha Rayne, and Ceramic Pleasures. Chaturbate “is contributing to the food budget to keep attendees well fed and watered throughout the weekend,” Eroticon said.

The Eroticon team consists of sex bloggers Molly Moore, Michael Knight and Girl on the Net. 

“Many companies wanted to support us, but didn’t have the budget to sponsor a stand,” Girl on the Net said. “We’ve been busy connecting them with writers who need help to cover their ticket cost or travel to the event. If you haven’t already been approached by a blogger, we’re happy to connect you to someone. You’ll get a credit on the Eroticon site as well as the chance to build a relationship with an influential writer who could be your champion for years to come.”

Weekend tickets for Eroticon 2017 cost  £170 for individuals and £200 for companies, while day tickets are £105.  

For more information on Eroticon, visit or follow them on Twitter.