Magic Silk Features Timeless Elegance Collection

Magic Silk Features Timeless Elegance Collection

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Magic Silk has announced the release of its lingerie collection Timeless Elegance.

“The G-string: its time has come,” Magic Silk said. “Timeless Elegance is a classy, upscale take on an all-time favorite.”

The collection features eight styles, all of them with delicate lace and five with rhinestone.

“You can judge fine merchandise by its cover, and the new display boxes created for this collection are every bit as exquisite as the underwear within,” Magic Silk said. “State-of-the-art printing technology allows for the presentation of multiple patterns throughout the packaging.”

Magic Silk said, “The metallic base shines through the graphics at varying degrees, creating reflective illusions: sparkling diamonds form the circumference of the central graphic, a thematic pocket watch. A high-quality photo of the lingerie, as worn on a sumptuous model, is superimposed on the watch face.”

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