APAC Celebrates Results of #NoProp60

APAC Celebrates Results of #NoProp60

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee has issued the following statement on the defeat of Proposition 60:

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee would like to congratulate the efforts of the adult film community in defeating Proposition 60 — written and paid for by Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation — which failed on November 8, 2016.

Adult film workers are encouraged to celebrate their work opposing Prop 60. In an outstanding and unprecedented display of solidarity and focus, performers managed to defeat a proposition fueled by millions of dollars. The industry must use this momentum going forward to address concerns and create a secure work environment that is near-impenetrable to intimidation or persecution from outsiders or from within the industry. Building a better community is still a primary goal and adult film performers have shown, indisputably, how much they can accomplish when goals are set, voices are raised and demands are made. This is a time of celebration, but the work is not done.

Performers who wish to continue to advocate for their community and demand work conditions and comprehensive protocols that ensure their safety and well-being are urged to join the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. APAC will hear concerns of all adult film workers, regardless of membership, and work as fervently as possible to continue to create rules of conduct that guarantee performer safety and adherence to performer rights. The refusal of California voters to allow legislation that puts performers at risk is a miraculous win. Now performers must focus on securing the industry against unfair and uneducated perspectives that may put the industry at risk in the future.

This is a glorious time to be an adult film performer. APAC wants to express immense gratitude for your support and hard work. Your enthusiasm against Prop 60 is an understated accomplishment and staying united is crucial to ensure positive change.

For more information about the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, contact apac.information@gmail.com.