XBIZ Kicks Doors Open for Next Week's RISE, Prop 60 Party

XBIZ Kicks Doors Open for Next Week's RISE, Prop 60 Party

LOS ANGELES — Nestled amidst the luxuriously chic trappings of the Hyde Sunset lounge, XBIZ will once again give thanks to the adult community during its annual RISE Adult Talent Appreciation Gala, sponsored by Vixen.com, Penthouse and Forbidden Fruits, featuring the unveiling of the 2017 XBIZ Awards nominees, as well as a celebration of the historic Proposition 60 defeat and the FSC's 25th anniversary.

The world-class Sunset Boulevard venue will kick off with red carpet arrivals at 8 p.m. on Nov. 16, welcoming all adult industry members for a raucous Prop 60 victory party. Cocktails, schmoozing and all manner of delicious debauchery will ignite the moodily lit chambers of Hyde Sunset.

The gala will be hosted by Penthouse owner Kelly Holland — whose inspiring words struck powerful chords at last year’s filled-to-capacity event. During the evening, XBIZ will reveal the 2017 XBIZ Awards nominees, celebrate the Free Speech Coalition’s 25th anniversary and showcase the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee's inspiring mission to improve the experiences of the talent community.

Additionally, XBIZ will introduce the first-ever RISE Awards, honoring three individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, selflessly advancing the community as a whole with their actions and shining example, via the RISE Advocacy Award, the RISE Image Award and the RISE Legacy Award.

The RISE Advocacy Award, presented by the Free Speech Coalition, will be bestowed upon an individual whose advocacy has substantially defended the liberties of adult talent. This year, Prop 60 inspired many to stand up and fight for the community, but the industry will continue to face threats to its prosperity and freedoms. Henceforth, the RISE Advocacy Award will honor those who heroically crusade for the greater good.

"Without a strong performer voice, we would not have been able to wage such a strong campaign against Proposition 60,” Leue said. “The unity we have seen in the past year has been inspiring — thousands of performers, coming together, fighting against stigma and demanding their rights. Through social media, op-eds, campaign videos, marches, protests, radio shows and rallies, performers have gotten international coverage to what many thought was a niche political issue. I am proud to stand alongside them in the fight, bring their strength to the battles that lie ahead and honor them with the RISE Advocacy Award."

The RISE Image Award, presented by the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, will crown an individual who has cultivated such a professional, exemplary and positive image, that they uplift the community as a whole. Given the tremendous social media power and popularity of adult talent, they can strongly affect perceptions both within the business and in the mainstream. Those paragons who professionally balance entertainment and courtesy will earn the RISE Image Award.

“I am happy to present the RISE Image Award on behalf of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee,” Preston said. “As the award presented to a performer who has cultivated a positive reputation and elevated the community, I feel this is the perfect representation of what APAC strives for in the performer community. 

The RISE Legacy Award, presented by XBIZ, will anoint an individual whose storied career has created such an enduring legacy in the business, their beneficial impact will be felt for generations to come. To ascend unto the heights of iconic influence, an adult performer must produce a body of work as noteworthy for its prolific quantity as for its distinguished quality. Those all-stars whose very presence commands the sort of respect befitting a legend, will claim the RISE Legacy Award.

To RSVP for the RISE Adult Talent Appreciation Gala, which starts at 8 p.m. at 8117 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, email events@xbiz.com.