Takes Aim at U.S. Presidential Election Takes Aim at U.S. Presidential Election

AMSTERDAM — has conducted its own poll in anticipation to see which presidential candidate will emerge as the winner on Tuesday

Making use of proprietary algorithms and a user-friendly polling interface,’s team has developed a new “predictions” section to share valuable insight into the events and trends that shape the world. said that Hillary Clinton is predicted to win the race for U.S. president.

The team has already applied this use of big data in successfully predicting the outcome of the recent Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. The predictions page showed more that more than 70 of those polled said the Chicago Cubs were a sure thing. used these same algorithms to predict the next U.S. president.

The long-running adult brand asked active users globally who they want to win the 2016 U.S presidential election and the results may come as a surprise to many.

As results continue to come in, early predictions show clear trends globally and on a national level as well, said.

Within the U.S., more than 44 percent of users support Clinton as their next president while just under 37 percent plan on voting for Donald Trump.

When comparing the two major candidates on a global level a similar trend can be seen.

Clinton has an approval rate of nearly 46 percent while Trump is closer to 35 percent overall.

Values show that 7 percent of all American users said they simply "don't care who wins" as the long, hard-fought campaign comes to a bitter end. It's no surprise that worldwide this noncommittal portion raises to nearly 9 percent, said.

As with other polls from the past few weeks, the community considers third party candidates an after-thought at best as Gary Johnson comes in with approximately 4 percent of the overall vote.

According to's predictions page, the projected winner of the 2016 presidential election will be Clinton. spokesperson Zef Rini said, “The U.S. election has been on everyone's mind. We have a significant number of users and visitors each day to mine for reliable data. This was the driving force behind our new and ongoing predictions service."

He continued, "Porn surfers are regular people too and recent results show they put as much thought into politics and other issues as anyone else does."

Predictions on the 2016 U.S. presidential election can be filtered by country, by state and viewed overall.

Notably, "battleground" states such as Florida show a surprising 11 percent lead for Hillary just days before the election, said. At the time of this release Clinton enjoys a modest 6 percent lead over Trump in Nevada and only a 2 percent advantage in New Hampshire.

Each country around the world has their favorites in this upcoming U.S. election. The Netherlands support Clinton overwhelmingly with a 12 percent lead over Trump while users from Australia prefer Trump as he captured 42 percent of the overall vote from that nation.

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