Lovehoney Provides Training, Product Support in Russia

Lovehoney Provides Training, Product Support in Russia

MOSCOW — U.K.-based pleasure products manufacturer Lovehoney was in Russia recently to provide training and product support for distributor/retailer Kazanova 69.

Ilona Laboviciute, sales executive at Lovehoney and a fluent Russian speaker, worked alongside Kazanova 69 at EroExpo in Moscow to meet with B2B clients and B2C visitors. Laboviciute, Lovehoney said, “was able to provide insight into Lovehoney’s new product ranges, including tokidoki X Lovehoney and the highly anticipated Fifty Shades Darker: The Official Pleasure Collection.”

EroExpo was held in Moscow from Oct. 21-23. After the trade show ended, Lovehoney said, “Ilona then went on to tour Kazanova 69’s offices in Moscow and Ekaterinburg to train 65 sales and distribution staff on product features and USPs.”

Laboviciute said, “I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Kazanova 69 for welcoming me to EroExpo and their offices. It was an absolute pleasure to meet staff and conduct training on our exciting new products; the response has been amazing so far. We want to set the industry standard for training, and our multi-lingual team has an action-packed 2017 with our busy product launch schedule.”

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