Joanna Angel, Small Hands Featured in Jerry Smith's 'Love Is Dead'

LOS ANGELES — Sickening Pictures and Dexahlia Productions have released “Love Is Dead” for free online viewing. The horror short features Ruben Pla along with adult film stars Joanna Angel and Small Hands.

In “Love Is Dead,” a man recounts the final moment of his marriage and tries to determine if he could have saved his wife and himself. To view the short, visit this link.

“Love Is Dead” was written and directed by Jerry Smith, a horror film journalist best known for his contributions to Fangoria, Blumhouse, and Icons of Fright. 

“While his day job finds him exploring fictional horror, Smith's dark drama deals with the real horror we can force each other to endure,” a spokesperson said. “The filmmaker drew inspiration from his own life to tap into the raw emotion.”

"I strove to make an emotional horror short about the destructive and abusive power of what we say," Smith said. "While writing the script, I was in the middle of a painful divorce — one that had many ups and even more downs throughout the eight years we were married. It was a toxic relationship and one which became very emotionally violent, leading both of us down very upsetting and destructive paths. My real life motivated the writing (in) ‘Love Is Dead ’— the story of my ex-wife and I and how sometimes, something very beautiful and full of love can eventually turn into something painful and full of hate."

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