Stagliano: Vote for Gary Johnson

Stagliano: Vote for Gary Johnson

LOS ANGELES — As the 2016 presidential election enters its final stretch, Evil Angel founder John Stagliano has announced his support for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, imploring adult industry voters to choose him as the 45th president when they go to the polls on Nov. 8. The following are his words:

The only candidate in the race who defends our right to make porn as we choose is Gary Johnson. Both of the other candidates believe in the right and the duty of government, on whatever level, to stop personal, or professional, non-violent choices that the majority of voters don’t like.

When confronted with the chance to control what someone else does in their bedroom most voters instinctively want to say 'Yes! Isn’t it obvious what is good for someone else?' Proposition 60 takes away the choice of performers and producers to agree on whatever kind of scene they want to make. Libertarians instinctively say 'No! We are not so presumptuous as to assume we know what is best for someone else.'

Personal integrity, transparency, anti-war, free trade... these are all traits Johnson has. Don’t waste your vote on Hillary who will win easily in California. Make a statement for the principle of freedom. Vote against the audacity of others telling us what to do by voting 'No on 60' and 'Yes on Gary Johnson.' 

—John Stagliano