Marie Claire Profiles Dame Products

Marie Claire Profiles Dame Products

BROOKYLN, N.Y. — Dame Products co-founders Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine are featured in a four-page profile in Marie Claire’s November issue.

The article titled “The Sex Toy Revolution: Meet Two Women Changing the Game, One Crowdsourced Vibrator at a Time” also is available online here.

Dame Products made history in 2014 when its flagship product, Eva became the most highly crowd-funded adult product on Indiegogo, raising $575k in less than two months — more than 10 times their initial goal of $50k.

Eva was created to address the “Pleasure Gap,” a term that Dame Products developed to describe the disparity between men and women’s pleasure during sex. The hands-free vibrator provides women clitoral stimulation during sex with unique flexible wings that keep the vibrator in place by tucking under a woman’s labia majora.

Dame Products stands out in the male-dominated sex toy industry as a female-centric brand.

“A lot of sex toys are missing the point if you look at what women say they get sexual pleasure from," Fine told Marie Claire. Lieberman adds, "What we've learned is, women want different things sexually. So how can we make the highest percentage of them happy?"

Marie Claire reports that the company is back in the lab developing its second product, which the company hopes will expand into a “large line of women-focused devices.”

“Their sophomore product, a finger vibrator called Fin, is being designed to maximize female pleasure, and when it launches on Kickstarter this month, Dame Products will be one product closer to accomplishing its mission of ‘making the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.’”

The article goes on to describe the process of developing Fin, which began in February, as well as Lieberman and Fine’s journey as a start-up company and the success of Eva — of which 35,000 units have been sold to date, according to Marie Claire.