WankzVR's 'The Repair Man' Features Holly Hendrix

WankzVR's 'The Repair Man' Features Holly Hendrix

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced today’s release of its anal-centric virtual reality porn scene entitled, “The Repair Man,” featuring Holly Hendrix.

In this scene, Hendrix plays a coy teen who seduces the repairman, played by the VR user.

“Initially, ‘The Repair Man’ was not intended to be an anal scene, but evolved into one at the behest of its talent, Hendrix,” says WankzVR’s Jack T. “Apart from the immersive technology, what also makes VR porn so special is the enthusiasm of the performers.”

Assistant director Nick goes on to explain the behind-the-scenes story:

“The original plan for this scene wasn’t intended to be anal at all. But that all changed when Holly stepped in and flat out said, ‘I’m tired of this vaginal shit!,’” Nick says. “I’m familiar with Holly’s work. She’s into extreme anal gangbangs, double anal, fucking clowns and I immediately thought the scene should play to her strengths.”

“Once that happened, it’s like she flipped a switch,” Nick adds. “Holly totally came alive and delivered one of the best performances I’ve ever shot in VR. In VR, you have to cater to your performer’s passion because the more they get off, the better the performance will turn out.”

Nick says that VR porn producers are discovering that a VR scene’s immersive success hinges on several factors, not least of which is the performer’s on-screen charisma.

“When a performer is truly living out their sexual fantasies, in this case, Holly and her anal addiction, you know you’re going to witness something really special. You want to capture that moment of sexual authenticity [when] all of the conditions are perfect,” Nick concludes. “VR porn is as real as it gets, and that’s exactly what Holly gave us and then some. Oh yeah, and that anal lollipop idea was all Holly too.”

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