.CAM's Sunrise Period Underway

.CAM's Sunrise Period Underway

ROTTERDAM — AC Webconnecting has announced the launch of the Trademark Sunrise Period for the new .CAM premium domain name extension.

.CAM’s Sunrise runs from October 6 through December 5.

.CAM is operated by AC Webconnecting, which for more than 20 years has provided connected software tools for professionals.

According to the registry, during this period trademark holders who have registered their marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) have the opportunity to register their “trademark.cam” names before the new domain extension is offered to the general public.

AC Webconnecting Holding BV’s Andrei Dumitriu says that .CAM is well suited for adult industry and for the live cam business, where it includes the subject of the industry as the domain extension.

“Imagine your live cam site on the new .CAM extension,” Dumitriu says. “It’s explicit and it pretty much brings itself to the visitor’s attention.”

“As an acronym for camera or webcam, .CAM provides a good way to improve natural referencing,” explains launch partner and owner of Sex.cam, TMD Swiss AG. “For example, when searching for ‘sex camera’ or ‘sex webcam,’ the website link will appear in the first position as soon as it will be indexed by search engines.”

“That’s the magic result of the EMD effect (Exact Matching Domain), which will benefit the corresponding .CAM domain name” TMD Swiss AG adds, noting that .CAM is “short, clear and explicit,” helping to put adult businesses in a better position online.

Since the Sunrise Period could be challenging due to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) process the registry outlined the steps that prospective domain owners will need to take, including registering a mark with Trademark-Clearinghouse.com and then submitting the trademark for verification. This will involve filling out a form detailing the trademark information (such as the registration date and number) as well as proof that the trademark is being used, and a signed declaration to that effect.

Registrants must then download an authentication key in SMD format that can be used in any Sunrise period for every new gTLD, and then finally register the trademark .CAM at any registrar that accepts Sunrise applications.

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